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Ventilation Chart for Skylights and Hatchlights

Sizes for Skylightsdirect and Barkley Fabrications Roof Windows and Hatchlights

Ventilation Recommendation for Skylight and Roof Window Sizes

Skylight Throat Size

Spread of Light Size

Recommended Room Size

Opening Area (m2)

Approx. Vent Area (m2)

300mm dia 1.2m dia Walk in robe, toilet, cupboard 0.9 dia
400mm dia 1.5m dia Walk in robe, toilet, cupboard 0.135 dia
500mm dia Small room or above breakfast bar
400mm x 400mm 1.8m2 Ideal for bathrooms, toilet, WIR 0.16 0.043
500mm x 500mm 2.4m2 Small rooms, study 0.24 0.078
600mm x 600mm 2.6m2 Laundry, entries 0.36 0.092
400mm x 600mm 1.8m x 2.6m Rectangular hallways 0.24 0.066
600mm x 800mm 2.0m x 3.6m Over breakfast bar, or narrow rooms 0.495 0.101
500mm x 900mm 2.2m x 3.6m Over breakfast bar, or narrow rooms 0.54 0.103
600mm x 1200mm 2.6m x 5.5m Large rectangular rooms 0.72 0.132
700mm x 700mm 3.6m2 Large square rooms 0.49 0.105
775mm x 775mm 4.0m2 To light up lounge 0.775 0.111
800mm x 800mm 4.5m2 Large room, family, lounge 0.64 0.119
900mm x 900mm 5.0m2 Very large room eg. rumpus 0.81 0.132
1.0m x 1.0m 5.5m2 Very large room eg. rumpus 1.0 0.146
1.2m x 1.2m 6.5m2 Very large room eg. rumpus 1.44 0.173

**Skylightsdirect trading as Barkley Fabrictions skylights and hatches have been fully tested by Australian standards at RMIT for strength and climate resistance. Compliance test RMIT/AS4285-1995, for watertight, resistance to concentrated loads and extreme wind.